Be Honest is a PSUGD student showcase open to the design community and general public. Together Phoebe Jacques and I art directed the event, branding, and website, as well as an accompaning photoshoot. With this being the first in person event for our program since 2019, we wanted to make sure our brand emulated the same excitement, warmth, and jittery feelings we were experiencing about being back around all our friends. And what a better way to display that than summer camp! 

Build your own Be Honest campsite!

The Be Honest Team
ART DIRECTION: Phoebe Jacques
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Shannon Steed and Macy Eiesland
OTHER DESIGNERS: Luke Stasica, Jaq Boden, Quinn Carroll, Marisa Hayase, Gage Murrey, Mckinsey Carroll, Brandy Anderson, Peter Nguyen, Isabella Medina, Casey Litchfield