Ever since my freshman year of college, the Risograph and I have had a love affair that burns brighter than most of the stars in the sky. In Winter of 2022, Chloe Findtner and I decided to put that relationship to the test – and created the 24 Hour Riso Print-a-thon. From 9AM to 9AM, we streamed live from the PSUGD Riso Room, printing student submitted work (seen above,) sharing knowledge about the riso, and hosting interviews with other riso studios and enthusiasts nationwide. We learned the operations of streaming, the power of networking, and most of all proved our undying devotion to the risograph. 

Special thanks to all our Special Guests: 
Saturn Hex (PHX)
Taxonomy Press (MI)
Rachel Delmotte (MI)
Alex Luciano (VA)
Anemone (WA)
Caboose (CA)
Dorothy Siemans (PDX)
Secret Room Press (PDX)
SVA Riso Lab (NY)
Oddities Prints (MO)
Outlet (PDX)
PNCA Riso Club (PDX)
Work Press & Publishing (IL & MO)

And to the 24 Hour Riso Print-a-thon Team!
Chloe Findtner
Hlie Moua
Michaela Gold
Whitney McPhie